Cast List for the Academy's Production of Guys and Dolls


Guys and Dolls Cast List


First and foremost we want to thank you all for all of your hard work through this audition process.  We had many very difficult decisions that had to be made because of all of the talent that we saw.  Below is the cast list.



Nicely-Nicely Johnson                      Etai Koronyo

Benny Southwest                            Cedar Geary

Rusty Charlie                                  Matthew KC-Jordan

Society Max                                     Eben Griffone

Sarah Brown                                   Casey Burke/Alexa Hodzic

Arvide Abernathy                            Isabel Van Aalst

Agatha                                            Naja Butler

Calvin                                             Jeremy Greenstein

Martha                                            Skler Crown

Mission Band                                  Logan Sacino, Chloe Rahal

Harry the Horse                              Jason Rivera

Lt. Brannigan                                 Natalie Garner

Nathan Detroit                                Daniel McKinley/Max Lianos

Angie the Ox                                   Logan Hannig

Miss Adelaide                                 Flynn Janger/Elaina Yeager

Sky Masterson                                Owen Ing/Ben Raanan

Joey Biltmore                                  Nick Vulkovich

Player                                             Grace Panosian

Another Player                                Chloe Rahal                                    

General Matilda B. Cartwright        Geolina Ibrahim

Big Jule                                           Zach Jbara   

Master of Ceremonies                    Jaren Rhodes

Mimi (a Hot Box Girl)                       J’Quinn McKenna

Allison (a Hot Box Girl)                    Veronica Reynolds

Ferguson (a Hot Box Girl)               Ayanna Thomas

Vernon (a Hot Box Girl)                   Virginia Trent                       

Drunk/Crapshooter                         Raymond Scott

Waiter                                             Gabriella Jarvie

Hot Box Girls                                   Ayanna Thomas, Chrishaughn Washington, Kai Solecita,

Virginia Tent, Marchon Benjamin, Autumn Tatnall,

J’Quinn McKenna, Veronica Reynolds

Dolls (Dancers)                               Miro Joyal, Zane Smith, Anika Yeager, Claire Vandeman

Dolls (Characters)                           Danielle Groode, Joie-May Silvers, Avery Heron,

Gabriella Jarvie


Again, thank you to everyone who auditioned. 


To all those in the cast, please make sure you attend Period 7 in A-4 the first day of the Fall Semester.  Your counselors have been notified of the casting and will be working with you to change your schedules as appropriate.   Again, thank you to everyone who auditioned. 




The Academy of Music and Performing Arts Musical Theatre Professional Staff