Written by George Faydeau in 1906 
Adapted by David Ives in 2006 



The Story: A FLEA IN HER EAR is the greatest of French farces, perhaps the greatest farce ever written. Raymonde Chandebise suspects that her husband, Victor, a placid and successful insurance executive, is secretly having an affair. To find out, she and her friend Lucienne write him an anonymous love letter suggesting a rendezvous at the shady Frisky Puss Hotel. Thinking the letter was intended for his coworker, the gigolo Tournel, Victor sends Tournel off to make the rendezvous in his place.
Lucienne's jealous Spanish husband, meanwhile, finds the letter, recognizes his wife's handwriting and takes his pistols to the Frisky Puss, hoping to catch her in the act. Meanwhile, Victor's nephew Camille tries to warn everyone about the mix-up, but his ridiculous speech impediment prevents anyone from understanding him. In Act Two, all decamp to the Frisky Puss where, it turns out, the drunken bellboy Poche is the exact double of the proper Victor Chandebise. Meeting Poche and thinking she's been caught by her husband, Raymonde keeps trying to escape from the hotel with Tournel, but a revolving bed keeps flinging them from room to room, as more and more of the involved parties pile into the hotel in a climax culminating in the entrance of the jealous Spaniard and his pistols.


BIG news for ASIX Records, our very own record label.

Music Industry & Media students competed at UCLA in the Project ECHO 12th Annual Business Plan Competition on Sunday, April 17 and won first place in the Retail division. ASIX Records received a $1,000.00 award to assist them with their plan to release a compilation album of all original student music in the public market before the end of this semester. Stay tuned.
Bravo to all!


Abel; Rutgers, Cal PolySLO, UCSC, UCD,
A. Baruch: SMC
B. Borguez: California Maritime Institute
N. Baldridge: Westmont, Belmont.
B. Boone: Columbia College, Augsburg, Seahel Univ.
J. Dromgoode: CSUN
M. Dukes: Chapman
Elmourabit: Smith*, Mt. Holyoke, UCSB, UCSB, UCD,
M. Evans: CSULA
M. Fitzgerald: Columbia College, Suny Purchase, Belmont, Univ. of Arkansas, Belmont*, Syracuse, U Mass Boston
E. Foster: Wellesley* with a full four year scholarship.
Gerber: Berklee School of Music with scholarship, CalArts
C. Gomez: Pacific, Willamette,
E. Griffone: Oklahoma City College, Pace University, Hartt School of Music, Northwestern University.* Columbia University,
G. Kim: USSC*, San Fran State, Sonoma State, SJS
O. Koronyo: Cornell University: Tanner Dean Scholar
M. Lemons: Howard* Philander Univ.
R. Lewis: Marymount California University, Grand Canyon Univer, Philander Smith College, CSULA
J. Lopez: UCD, , San Fran State, CSLA, CSLB, CSUN , Mills
S. Lopez: USF*, CSUN, San Fran State
Maddox: CSUDH
D. Menedez: San Diegto State, San Fran. State, Mount St. Mary's
I, Milkes: UCSB, UCR, UMass
J. Pollinger: CSULA, Chapman University
R. McCardle: CSULA
R. Mazouz: Indiana Univ, Maryland Univ., CSULB, CSUF, Columbia College,
F. Newby: CAL Arts
Nevarez: Loyola Marymount* UCR, USF UCSF
Ohara: The New School* The Berklee School of Music
L. Pinkney: CSULA, CSUN
C. Ridolpho: Texas A&M.
R.Robinson: Spellman*, Florida Southern, Xavier of Louisiana, Phildaner Smith, CSEB, Humboldt
C. Rath: UCSC, Whitier, Cal Luthern, CSUN, Lavern, UCSC
J. Pollinger: Chapman
C. Ridolfo: CSUSF, oklahoma City, West Texas A&M, CSULB
J. Ruff: Belmont, College of St. Rose, Berklee School of Music*
E. Rittner: CSULA
K Schaeffer: Princeton, UCSan Diego
R. Simpkins: DePaul, Columbia College, San Francisco State, UCSC
J. Shelton: Sacramento State
E. Stern: Columbia College, San Fran. State,CSUN, UC Riverside, UCSC, UCLA
D. Turner: CSUN, Grambling State
S. Thomas: Wocester Polytechnic Institute
C. Vaught: UCLA: Herb Alpert School of Music.
A. Wallace: Univ. of Arizonia, Kansas Univer., Clark Atlanta, Laverne
K. Walters: UCLA, USC, New School of Music, Manhattan School of Music.
D. Weitz: Univ. of Miami: Frost School of Music with scholarship* Tulane, UCSB, UCSD, Chapman

Congrats to the All City Jazz Ensemble

They recently played at the Beverly Hilton, Colburn Big Band Next Generation Jazz Festival at Monterey and will be playing at the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.
Keelan Walters, Ellis Thompson, Moe Feinberg and Joey Curreri and William Brandt, Bravo to all.

Congrats to the Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble attended the Santa Monica Annual Band Festival on Tuesday, March 15 and receive " Outstandings" on all their performances by a panel of highly esteemed adjudicators.

Bravo to our Jazz Ensembles.

The jazz ensembles competed at the Esperanza Jazz Festival on Saturday March 12 and here are the happy results:
Combo B: 2nd place
Combo A: 2nd place
Ensemble C: 2nd place
Ensemble B: 1st Place
Ensemble A: 3rd place.
Congrats to all the musicians.

Bravo to the Jazz Ensembles in their first competition of the Season.

This past Saturday the Jazz ensembles competed at the Western States Jazz Competition at Upland High School. Here are the results:
A Band: 3rd place in Heavy Division
B Band: 1st place Advanced Division
C: Band: 2nd Place Intermediate Division
B Combo: 2nd Place Advanced Combo Division
A Combo: 5th place Heavy Combo Division
Congrats to all.

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Wind Concert
Date: 5/5/2016, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Jazz Concert
Date: 5/6/2016, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Choral Concert
Date: 5/12/2016, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Symphony Concert
Date: 5/13/2016, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Guitar Concert
Date: 5/20/2016, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
"Hamipalooza!" - Music Tech at the CAA Art Show
Date: 5/27/2016, 4 PM 6 PM
Spring Dance Show
Date: 5/27/2016, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Spring Dance Show
Date: 5/28/2016, 2 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall

Norm Pattiz Concert Hall

The 600-seat Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall at Hamilton High School was renovated and subsequently dedicated in February 1989. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One and is currently CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1960. Every year over 60 concerts including drama, dance & musical theater productions are performed in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall.

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