Don't Come Back
by Emily Hampton
For every overbearing step is a crease in my skin
A wrinkle in my forehead
A furrow of my brow
How did you manage to pluck the life from my cheeks
How did you steal a kiss from my secret sipping lips
You made me weak
I've waited long enough for
The return of the king
I've waited long enough
For you to return my heart string
I've waited long enough
Under the crushing force of your brutish bones
I've waited long enough in the station alone
You told me I made you feel alive
But that was just another lie
Isn't that so?
Oh, your hypnotic stare
Stuffs a black hole down my thoat
There should be words there
but no
Far off
Don't star cross your eyes
Or love with rose petals
Don't sign letters with sincerely
If it's not nearly
What you mean
Don't play lullabies
Or sing under your breath
Don't promise me whatever faith you've got
Don't come back
I've strung myself to your fingertips
The father you stay
The less I stay yours
Don't come back
Or I will lose my right to fight
Don't come back
Or I will indulge into darkness
And forget the light
Don't come back
For tonight
The anguish can sing me to sleep instead.


The Academy of Music is still accepting applications.
You can still get you application in for the 2016-2017 school year by going to:
Bravo to the Choir and Jazz departments.
The Jazz ensembles had a very successful weekend in Las Vegas, receiving very high scores from some of the most respected jazz professionals.. The Choral groups shivered in Chicago and it was well worth it to sing at Orchestra Hall and receive high marks from some of the most respected judges in the Choral world.
Alumni Devin Daniels wins the Young Arts Award.
Young Arts is a highly competitive talent scholarship audition. Few even make it to the finals. But Devin, class of 2014 did and here's a big shout out to Devin.
Auditions for placement on Saturday, May 2 at 8 AM.
These auditions are for all students new to the Academy of Music for school year, 2015-2016. These auditions are for placement into the performing arts classes. It's important to attend for important information.
Academy of Music receives the NAMM Foundation Merit Award.
This prestigious institution salutes the Academy of Music for outstanding support of Music Education.
Only 120 schools across the country received this distinction. Hooray for us!
2015 Wall of Acceptances Begins.
Alfaro, A, SMC
Andelin, L LMU, UCMerced, CSUN, CSLUB
Anton, D: Portland State, Oregon State, Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of Montana,
Univ. of Colorado, CSU Humboldt
Anton R: Columbia College, Portland State, Oregon State, Univ. of Oregon,
Bacharach, T: UC Colorado, Boulder, Colarado State, Univ. of Oregon, Mich.State.
Colorado State, Univ. of Montana, CSU Humboldt,
Canjura, J Univ. of Rochester, Univ. of New Mexico, UC Santa Cruz, Applachian State.
Coates, R: San Diego State, Cal Play Ponoma, CSULB, Loyola Marymount, Davidson
Cornell University, UCSa Diego, Rice University, UCLA, UCIrvine
Edelstein N Tulane University, UC Irvin, UCSanta Barbara
Estrada, V CSU Monterey, CSU Merced
Fields, K, San Fran State, CSU Humboldt
Glickman,C Carnegie Mellon, Chapman
Gonzalez, T Wooburg Univ, Creighton Univ.,
Columbia College, St. John's
Pace (with scholarship), Northern Arizonia
Hampton, E. Pace Univ. (with scholarship) Suny Purchase
Hayashi, C. Northwestern University, Georgtown, Duke,
UCLA< UC Davis, USSD, Yale, Brown,
Haro, T CSUN
Hernandez, C CSUN, CSULB
Holmes, T CSU Dominguez Hills, Cal Poly Ponoma
Jimenez, J: Columbia College, CSUN
Kinski, E. Emerson, UMass Amherst with Scholarship, Drexel, U of I, U of Oregon,
San Fran State.
Kroner, N. George Washington with Presidential Scholarship, Boston U. Tulane, UCSB
UMass with Scholarship, Northeastern, UCSD, UCI
McKenith, J CSUN, CSUSLO, San Fran State
LaPardo, A: Xavier, Washington College, Westmont, CSUCI, Pace
Mah, S. San Francisco State
Naidoo, A Oregon State, Columbia College, UCR, St. John's, Williamette
Omunson,S CSU East Bay
Parker, P CSUN, CSULA, CSU Fullerton, CSU Monterey Bay, Univ.of Laverne with
Patel, M. Pace (with scholarship), UCRiverside, AMDA (with scholarship)
San Diego State, CSUN, USCSC, CSULA
Petit, G. St. John's, Pace
Pitter, T. UNLV, Clark Atlanta
Pixler, A Hofstra, San FRan State, Humboldt, Portland Sate
Rath, S CSUN, LMU,
Rivera, J Berklee School of Music
Richards, N Columbia Collge, Pace (with scholarship) The New School, University of
San Francisco, Portland State, Columbia College, Lewis and Clark
Robarts, E AMDA, Loyola Marymount, CSUFullerton
Salas, B. San Francisco State
Serot, N Berklee School of Music
Shhe-Zanna,A San Fran State.
Theard, T. Sonoma State, UCR, CSUSB
Ulaner, D Cal Poly (San Luis Obsipo) Purdue, Bradley, Univ. of the Pacific
WPI, Iowa State, Colorado State, Washington State.
Wiggins, C CSUN, LA Film School, CSUFullerton, CSULA
Townes. J Univ. of Nevada Reno, San Fran State
Yankelevits, UCBerkely, Univ. of Oregon with Scholarship, UCSC, UC Davis,
Zipper, M Portland State, Univ. of Oregon, Southern Oregon, San Fran State
Brava to the Women's Ensembles.
Woman's A and Woman's B received superior rating in the Sora Festival, the first of the year. Now on to Chicago and Orchestra Hall!
Jazz sweeps at Esperanza Jazz Festival in Anaheim.
A good day for the ensembles:
Jazz A Combo: 1st place
Jazz B Combo: 1st Place
Jazz B Ensemble 1st place
Jazz A Ensemble: 2nd place
Jazz C Ensemble: 3rd place.
Hooray to Xenia Vidal-Marquez.
Xenia was selected to a a part of the Broad Theater's Voices of Youth Workshop. Selected students will discuss modern civil rights issues, dig into their own experiences and create a performance piece that will be presented when famed playwright and performer, Anna Deavere Smith, brings her new spoken word program, Civil Disobedience and Other Acts of Love. Go Xenia!
Academy Symphony Orchestra to perform with the LA Opera off Grand
Under the direction of Maestro James Conlon, the Academy Symphony Orchestra will play along with the Coburn School of Music for Benjamin Britt's, "Noah's Flood".
We are the only high school orchestra to play. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 at the Holy Name Cathedral. Admission is free, first come first in.
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Jazz Concert
Date: 5/1/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Choir Concert
Date: 5/7/2015, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Symphony Concert
Date: 5/8/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Mariachi Concert
Date: 5/13/2015, 7 PM
Location: A-2
Winds Concert
Date: 5/14/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Guitar Concert
Date: 5/15/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert hall
Piano Concert
Date: 5/19/2015, 7 PM
Location: A-2
Music Technology Concert
Date: 5/22/2015, 6 PM
Location: The Quad

Norm Pattiz Concert Hall

The 600-seat Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall at Hamilton High School was renovated and subsequently dedicated in February 1989. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One and is currently CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1960. Every year over 60 concerts including drama, dance & musical theater productions are performed in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall.

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