When students select 10th grade classes, they must select a major from the options listed below. Students may change their major one time if another area is found to be more suitable. Performing Arts classes completed in the 9th grade apply toward a major.

Students who fulfill all Academy of Music major requirements will earn an official Academy of Music Gold Seal on their high school diploma. These requirements include successful completion of 70 units of performing arts classes, which include specific requirements for each major. Classes are credited at 5 units per semester, or 10 units per year. Substitutions may be permitted when appropriate and approved by the Academy of Music. Waiver of a particular course requirement does not reduce the number of units necessary to complete the major. Students entering the Academy in the 10th grade will subtract one year of the requirement from the major field, but all other requirements remain.
4 years of dance
3 years each from the following:
Vocal group, Drama, Technical Theater, Musical Theater, Piano class, Instrumental Ensemble
3 years of Drama (including 1 year of either Workshop or Play Production)
1 year Advanced Acting
1 year Technical Theater
2 years from any semester combination from the following:
Vocal group, Technical Theater, Musical Theater, Dance
1 year basic musicianship skills (i.e., Piano 1)
1 year Music History
2 years Guitar (at least 1 year Intermediate or Advanced)
1 year other performance ensemble (NOT marching band except in 11th or 12th grade)
1 year Music Technology
1 year other elective in the arts (AP Music Theory highly recommended)
Instrumental Music
4 years of Instrumental Ensemble:
Orchestra, any band, any instrumental techniques or ensemble, Jazz ensemble or Mariachi Band
1 year of Piano
2 years from any of the following:
Music History, Music Theory, Music Technology/Music Tech Prod.&Perf., Vocal group, or Instrumental Ensemble
Jazz Studies
6 semesters Jazz Ensemble
4 semesters secondary ensemble (wind, vocal, or guitar)
2 semesters AP Music Theory
1 semester Music Technology
2 semesters Piano
2 semesters other music elective: 3rd ensemble, 3rd semester Piano, Music History, Music Appreciation
Musical Theater
3 years of Musical Theater (Workshop and/or Production)
2 years from the following: Dance, Drama, or any Chorus
1 year minimum in a main stage production
1 year of one of the following: Instrumental Ensemble, Piano, or Technical Theater
Music Technology
1 year of Piano
1 year of Music Technology (beginning)
2 years of next level Music Tech Productions (MTechProd) OR
         1 year of Music Industry & Media + 1 year of MTechProd
1 year of Music History
1 year of Music Theory or Contemporary Piano
1 year from the following:
          Vocal class, Musical Theater, Dance, any Instrumental Ensemble, Piano, Guitar, Music Industry & Media, or  an additional year MTechProd
4 years of Piano class
(One recital per semester is required for Piano 5 and above. Each recital must be approved by the instructor.)
1 year of Honors Music History or AP Music Theory
2 additional years of other performing arts classes: Music Technology, any Instrumental Ensemble, Musical Theater, Drama, any Vocal class (1 may be Honors Music History or AP Music Theory if not taken above.)
Technical Theater
3 years of technical theater
1 year of Woodshop (taken before enrolling in Advanced Techical Theater
3 years from the following:
Art, Video Production, Cinema, Musical Theater, Drama, Vocal class, Piano or Instrumental Ensemble
Vocal Music
4 years of Vocal music classes:
Chorus/Voice, Women’s Ensemble, Men's Ensemble, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers or Vocal Jazz
1 year of Piano
2 years from any of the following:
Music History, Music Theory, Music Technology/Music Tech Prod.& Perf., Musical Theater, Drama, Piano, Instrumental Ensemble, or another year of Vocal class