Adidas Sound Lab

Only 1 of 4 high schools in the nation: NEW since 2017

Adidas Sound Lab

In 2017 Adidas Originals Sound Lab was launched at Hamilton High School. The program was created to foster creativity and help young artists grow. We transformed the unused auto shop into a fully functioning music recording studio.


At this time, Hamilton High School’s AMPA magnet is only one of four schools nationwide to have been given a dedicated recording studio by Adidas. Its charming outdoor patio has been a popular site for intimate outdoor talent showcases while it also serves as the location for Get Lit Poetry Slams and monthly concerts for students.

The Sound Lab is enjoyed by all Hamilton and AMPA students who may participate through the Music Technology department, in Recording Club, through the UCLA After School program, Make Waves Music (formerly ASIX Records), our many performing ensembles, and other student groups.

We are thrilled to offer this fabulous asset for our students to utilize as they build professional skills for a future in the music industry!

LAUSD Press Release
Kamp Grizzly Launches Hamilton’s New Recording Studio with Adidas

Watch this video to learn more.

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