Music Technology



To participate in the Music Technology pathway, a student must first be able to demonstrate music literacy skills with at least a Piano 1 proficiency.

In Music Tech 1, director Robert (Bob) Bruning first introduces students to fundamental concepts and their history. The course’s topics and skills include computer-based digital audio recording and editing, MIDI sequencing, and music notation application.

Music Technology Productions is the performance level course of the program. Designed as a guided creative lab for student singer/songwriters and composers are also taught production skills for audio recording of studio events and live performances.

Music Industry and Media (sometimes referred to as the Business of Music) covers the basics of music production with added lessons in copyright and intellectual property, royalties, videography, promotions, graphic design, and contracts. With the inclusion of elements of a Pro-Tools User certification class, we strive to help young artists start their career with legitimate and realistically high hopes.

All participants in the Music Technology department have opportunities to use our Adidas-sponsored Sound Lab, a fully functioning recording studio and program designed to help young artists learn and grow.

Learn more about the Adidas Sound Lab at Alexander Hamilton High School’s Academy for Music & Performing Arts. MakeWavesMusic is the Hamilton High School/AMPA in-house owned and operated record label. You can buy our music here.

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