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Questions & Answers

How can I get my child into the magnet?

See “Choices” under the Admissions section.

What if I miss the application deadline?

You can still apply as a “late”. Your application will be given a number. After our active list is exhausted and there are still spots open, we will take students in number order.

Does my child get transportation?

If you live 3 miles or beyond Hamilton High School, you will qualify for transportation. The office of transportation will send you a packet of information before school starts. If you do not receive your information, call them at: 800-552-8737 or: 310 235-4680

What about late buses?

For those students who remain for sports or rehearsals, the late buses leave at 6:00 pm. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. There is no late bus on Tuesdays as that is the day for faculty meetings.

What is the Tuesday schedule?

Students will always get out of school at 3:10 on Tuesdays, except, when it is a professional development day. On those days students are dismissed at 1:32. All professional development days are listed on the Hamilton High School website at

How do I reach my student’s teacher?

You can leave a message in the Academy office at 310-280-1501. You can send them an e-mail. All emails are listed on our website under faculty.

What if the teacher doesn’t get back to me?

It does happen. Messages get lost, teachers get busy. If that happens, please call the counselors. If there is still no response, please call the Director, Marlene Zuccaro at 310-280-1452.

My child is in the Academy of Music. Can they play a sport?

Our first priority is to the performing arts classes as we are a performing arts magnet. However, we try, to the best of everyone’s ability to accommodate every child. It should not be a problem in the beginning level classes, however if your child is in a performance level class there might be conflicts. They should check with their performing arts teachers for schedule conflicts.