Students prepare for post high school study at universities, colleges, industry professional schools, formal internships or vocational apprenticeships. Culmination is traditionally a near 100% accomplishment.


Those who choose to advance their arts education are encouraged to apply for admission to renowned post-secondary institutions across the nation and beyond California. Julliard, Berklee School of Music, USC, UCLA, The Boston Conservatory, Cal Arts, Academy of Art in San Francisco, Chapman College, Columbia College, Eastman School of Music, AMDA, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater of Harlem and University of the Arts London Wimbledon College for Historical Costume Design are among the many outstanding colleges and conservatories that welcome our exceptional students.


Students earn admission to top academic universities including Stanford, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Washington University in St. Louis, NYU, Columbia, Barnard, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Northwestern, Syracuse, University of Virginia, Boston University, Tulane, University of California (Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz), USC, Emerson, Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, and many more. Distinguished graduates have earned a significant reputation in the academic as well as professional entertainment world.

Congratulations to our current crop of seniors – Class of 2018!

Amber, T: CalPoly Pomona
Bizio, M: CSUN
Brandt, W: CSUN Indiana Univ. Jacob School of Music
Burke, C. Pace, Columbia Chicago, Marymount Manhattan
Butler, N: Pace, CSU Chico, UC Riverside
Carlaftes, S: Belmont Cornish College of Music
Cirile, A: Boston Conservatory, CSULB (Bob Cole Conservatory)
Cohen-Hodos, O: Yeshiva Jewish School
Dalconzo, J:  UC Santa Cruz, UHawaii, UMaine, UDelaware
Etehad, M: Adelphi, Pace, Marymount Manhattan, Institute of the Arts
Greenstein, J: CSUN Sonoma State, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB, CalPoly SLO, San Diego State Honors College
Grossman, N: SMC
Hodeib, A: University of the Pacific, San Fran State, CSULB
Ibrahim, G: CSU Merced, CSULA, Mount St. Mary
Ing O: Pace, Columbia Chicago
Joyal, M: Manhattan College
Johnson, S. UCI, Hampton, Tuskegee
Lane, L: DePaul, Columbia, Chicago
McKinley, D: CSUC, CSUF, UCR, CSULB, Loyola Marymount
Matamouros, E: San Fran State, CSUMB. Columbia College, Chicago
Midgen, S: New School, Drexel, DePaul, Arizona University
Panosian, G: AMDA San Fran State, Columbia College, Chicago
Quinn, S: CSUN
Scott, R: CSUN, Mount St. Mary, New York, CSULA, CSUF
Spencer, T: CalPoly Pomona
Toothman, A: University of Hawaii
Washington, C: Point Park, Mount St. Mary, New York, Columbia, Chicago
Weldon, P: Marymount Manhattan, Portland State, San Fran State, Columbia College
Yona, D: Univ. of Arizona, Arizona State, Raphael Recanati International School, Israel.

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