How do I apply to the Academy?








Students are admitted through the LAUSD Choices process and auditions.


When is the deadline for the next school year?





LAUSD Choices applications are due December 1, 2020 for the upcoming year.



If I missed the deadline, can I still apply?





Late applications open in February and will be considered on a first come basis.



I don't have any magnet points. What can I do?







Seventy percent of students are admitted through the LAUSD Choices process. Thirty percent are admitted through auditions in January. Students must still apply on time to Choices and choose AMPA as your first choice. Do not put any other choices down and you will be eligible for an audition spot January 2021. EARLY DECISION AUDITIONS WERE DUE BY JANUARY 23, 2021.





Can I audition for a spot?






Early Decision Auditions were held on January 23, 2021. Placement Auditions are held on the first Saturday in May.




How are the academics in the Academy?





AMPA is proud to offer a full traditional academic curriculum with outstanding honors and AP classes. AMPA students can choose from over 22 AP’s offered, join any club, and can also take classes after school through the on-campus West LA College program or through any other accredited community college. Recent Academy students have been accepted to NYU, Howard, and Stanford University.



How separate is the Academy from the rest of Hamilton High School?




AMPA students will take most classes within the magnet. AP classes are shared with the entire school community. AMPA is an integral part of the larger campus and one of four small learning communities. Our principal, Ms. Brenda Pensamiento, is passionate about creating a unified “Hami” school culture.



Where are all the kids coming from?





Students come from a variety of LA’s public, private and independent middle schools and over 94 zip codes. Students come as far away as the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach to come to AMPA at Hamilton.



I don't play an instrument or sing or dance or do theater. Could I still apply?





Yes. There are many opportunities to get involved with the performing arts at AMPA! We also offer behind the scenes work in Stage Tech and Video Production. In addition, we are one of only 2 schools funded by Adidas with a state of the art sound studio. Music technology is one of our largest most successful programs. Read through the different departments to learn more.



Is the campus safe?





Hamilton is a closed campus. There is plenty of campus security to ensure a safe environment for all students to learn.



Are there buses?




Yes, AMPA is an LAUSD magnet with transportation. If you live 5 miles, or further from Hamilton, you will receive free magnet transportation. Under 5 miles, students take public transportation or parents organize carpools. Students can apply for a student TAP card, which provides highly discounted rates on all LA Metro county bus and metro systems.



Where do your alumni go to college or what do they do after graduation?





Most of our students go to college and some choose to work in their chosen profession. Learn more about our recent grads!



What special opportunities are there for Academy students?



Our students are invited to participate in many competitions, performances, workshops, and events with organizations such as Cinemagic, the Academy Awards, the Wallis Theater, Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC), and more. Stay tuned and watch our News page for more information.



When are we notified about admission?



Students usually receive notification by email and mail in March. Students who audition in January usually are notified sooner.



When are placement auditions?



Placement Auditions are usually held in May. We are hoping to return to in-person auditions by that time. Keep checking EVENTS for our latest updates.



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