Based in Northern Ireland with a 25-year history, Cinemagic is a film foundation with a unique mission to educate, inspire and motivate young people. Their newest goal is to expand Cinemagic Los Angeles, reaching out to numerous schools, after-school programs and community groups to help ambitious young people who might lack opportunity or resources to work directly with the LA industry professionals in the film, television and entertainment business.

AMPA is proud to partner with Cinemagic going on ten years. Students from both Los Angeles and Belfast have enjoyed the educational and social exchange during the annual LA tour and festival. In addition, many local students have also had the unique opportunity to travel to Ireland to take part in creative projects and two full-feature film productions.

Students who participated in the Cinemagic festival LA this year enjoyed masterclasses and workshops, participated in tours to HBO, FOX, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Mattel, Aero Film, The Jim Henson Company, United Talent, Pepperdine University, Warner Bros, New York Film Academy, Variety Magazine and CBS. The festival also features a formal reception at the Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica.  Host families along with Irish television and film actors, directors and musical talent gather to celebrate the foundation and the extraordinary work they do.


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