Our own music publishing company
CTRL-ENT.  will be a modern publishing company run by the students in the Music Industry and Media class with close association with students in the Business Interactive Technology (BIT), Communication Arts (CAA), and the Academy of Music.Their goal is to become a fully student-based record label and publisher, providing fellow students and other members of our community with recording, copyrighting, PRO memberships, licensing, promotion, sales and more.
This is a great time to get involved from the ground up in what promises to be a very innovative and exciting curriculum filled with potential career opportunities.
In the recording class and business class, two separate classes that meet the same period, students can select which aspect of music they would like to focus on such as Marketing, Recording Engineering, Crew, Artist and Repertoire, Law and Legal, etc.
Big plans are in the making for next year with auditioning and signing artists, music festivals, and more.
If you are interested contact Mr. Bruning at rbruning@lausd.net. or at the company address


The Academy sweeps the National Youth Theater Awards (again)

Barvo to the following students who won the West Coast division of the National Theater Awards:
Preston Parker Lead Actor in a Musical for Beauty and the Beast
August Robinson: Supporting Actor in a Play for Almost Maine
Ethan Robarts, Featured Actor in a play for You Can't Take it With You
Emily Hampton Featured Actress in a play for You Can't Take it With You.
Maya Schwiebert: Featured Actress in a play: Almost Maine
Ryan Simpkins Featured Actress in a play: Almost Maine
Best Ensemble: Almost Maine
Plus 15 more nominations.

Jazz does it again.

After a spectacular year Jazz finishes out the competition season with 1st place win
at Super Jazz at the Ranch.
Keelan Walters won outstanding soloist and a full scholarship to Standford Summer Jazz Camp.

Bravo to Isaiah Tulanda!

Isaiah was accepted to the Junior Statesmen JSA Summer School program at Georgetown University where he will take Speech and Political Communication with a diverse group of student from around the nation.

More good news for our students.

Yoo Jee Kim and Edilila Foster were both awarded College Prep Scholarships from Questbridge . This scholarships provides the students with full scholarships to summer programs at at any of the following Universities: Stanford, Yale, Emory and Penn among others and qualifies them for the National College Match that would pay for their entire tuition to the college of their choice!

Save the Date! Gala, May 30, 2015

Its a party, its a concert. Join us for both on May 30. This year's theme is the
Fabulous 40's. Party starts at 6:00pm with food trucks and fun. Performance at 7:30.
Tickets available online or at the door.

Brava to the Dance Team

The Dance team competed at Six Flags Magic Mountain with Miss Drill Team USA, on Sunday, April 26.
winning 1st place in the following divisions: Pom, Medium Hip Hop and Small Lyrical.

2015 Wall of Acceptances Begins.

Adams, I. CSUN
Alejandro, V SMC
Alfaro, A, SMC
Alvaro, J. St. John's UCMerced
Andelin, L LMU, UCMerced, CSUN, CSLUB
Anton, D: Portland State, Oregon State, Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of Montana,
Univ. of Colorado, CSU Humboldt
Anton R: Columbia College, Portland State, Oregon State, Univ. of Oregon,
Bacharach, T: UC Colorado, Boulder, Colarado State, Univ. of Oregon, Mich.State.
Colorado State, Univ. of Montana, CSU Humboldt,
Baltazar, A SMC
Beteta ,R CSUN, CSU Fullerton, CSULA, CAL Poly Pomona, UCRiverside, CSULA
Bianic, A CSUN
Blumfeld, D: Loyola Marymount Univ.
Bowen, C Howard
Carver, S CSUI, Tuskeegee, Washington State, Miles College, CSUEB
Canjura, J Univ. of Rochester, Univ. of New Mexico, UC Santa Cruz, Applachian State.
Chavez, E, SMC
Chavez, J. West LA, CSUN
Chodos, O UCSanta Cruz, UCSD, UCSB, NYU
Coates, R: San Diego State, Cal Play Ponoma, CSULB, Loyola Marymount, Davidson,
Cornell University, UCSa Diego, Rice University, UCLA, UCIrvine, Boston,
Dartmouth, Davison, Emory, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Scripps, Trinity
USC, Vassar, Wesleyan
Cohen, A. CSUN
Cook, K. Univ. of Arizonia, San Fran State, CSUChicago, CSUEast Bay
Craft, J Sacramento State, CSULA, CSU Humboldt, CSU San Francisco
Day, E: West LA
Eddington, K St. John's, West LA
Edelstein N Tulane University, UC Irvin, UCSanta Barbara, UCIrvine, Syracuse
Espana Aguilar, M SMC
Estrada, V CSU Monterey, CSU Merced
Fernandez, L. CSUN, CSUDH,
Faith, E . Howard
Fields, K, San Fran State, CSU Humboldt
Francois Hays, A AMDA
Gallegos, D. CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULA
Garcia, L CSUN
Garcia, S. SMC
Glickman,C Carnegie Mellon, Chapman
Gonzalez, T Wooburg Univ, Creighton Univ.,
Columbia College, St. John's
Pace (with scholarship), Northern Arizonia
Guerrero, C. Monmouth University, St. Peter's Univ.
Hamilton, J. SMC, PCC
Harrell, F. Miles,
Hampton, E. Pace Univ. (with scholarship) Suny Purchase
Harris, J CSUDH, St. John's, El Camino
Hayashi, C. Northwestern University, Georgtown, Duke,
UCLA< UC Davis, USSD, Yale, Brown,
Haywood, C. UCI, CSULB,
Haro, T CSUN
Hernandez, B. East LA College
Hernandez, C CSUN, CSULB
Hijar, V SMC WEst LA
Holmes, T CSU Dominguez Hills, Cal Poly Ponoma
Jennings, N. U of Arizonia, Miles
Jennings, S U of Arizonia, UNLV
Jimenez, J: Columbia College, CSUN, MaryMount,
Jones, Q: West LA, CSULA
Juarez, L. CSULA, CSUEast Bay
Kaplan, M. UMass, Univ. of Arizonia, Oregon University
Kinski, E. Emerson, UMass Amherst with Scholarship, Drexel, U of I, U of Oregon,
San Fran State.
Knoll, H: Chapman
Kroner, N. George Washington with Presidential Scholarship, Boston U. Tulane, UCSB
UMass with Scholarship, Northeastern, UCSD, UCI
Kysar, T. Lawrence Univ. UNT, USC, CSUN
Lipton, G SMC
McKenith, J CSUN, CSUSLO, San Fran State
LaPardo, A: Xavier, Washington College, Westmont, CSUCI, Pace
Lazorof, D. SMC
Mah, S. San Francisco State
Mastronardi, J SMC
Mermelstein, J SMC
Naidoo, A Oregon State, Columbia College, UCR, St. John's, Williamette
Omunson,S CSU East Bay
Paige, J. Western State Colorado
Parker, P CSUN, CSULA, CSU Fullerton, CSU Monterey Bay, Univ.of Laverne with
Patel, M. Pace (with scholarship), UCRiverside, AMDA (with scholarship)
San Diego State, CSUN, USCSC, CSULA
Petit, G. St. John's, Pace. Howard
Pitter, T. UNLV, Clark Atlanta
Pixler, A Hofstra, San FRan State, Humboldt, Portland Sate
Quintanilla, A. CSUN, CSUDH
Rath, S CSUN, LMU,
Rivera, J Berklee School of Music
Richards, N Columbia Collge, Pace (with scholarship) The New School, University of
San Francisco, Portland State, Columbia College, Lewis and Clark
Robarts, E AMDA, Loyola Marymount, CSUFullerton, Chapman
Rodriquez, J. CSULA
Salas, B. San Francisco State
Schweibert,, M. St May's
Singer, A. University of Maine
Smith, A Musician's Institute
Serot, N Berklee School of Music
Shhe-Zanna,A San Fran State.
Sudduth, M University of Portland
Theard, T. Sonoma State, UCR, CSUSB
Ulaner, D Cal Poly (San Luis Obsipo) Purdue, Bradley, Univ. of the Pacific
WPI, Iowa State, Colorado State, Washington State.
Wallrich, A UCBerkely
Wiggins, C CSUN, CSU Fullerton, CSULA UCLA
Willliams, J AMADA
Townes. J Univ. of Nevada Reno, San Fran State
Ulaner, D. Purdue
Yankelevits, UCBerkely, Univ. of Oregon with Scholarship, UCSC, UC Davis,
Zipper, M Portland State, Univ. of Oregon, Southern Oregon, San Fran State, Emerson

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Gala: The Fabulous 40's.
Date: 5/30/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Spring Dance Show
Date: 5/23/2015, 2 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Spring Dance Show
Date: 5/23/2015, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Music Tech & CTRL ENT present a Spring Fling Thing
Date: 5/22/2015, 6 PM
Location: Room A-7
Spring Dance Show
Date: 5/22/2015, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Piano Concert
Date: 5/19/2015, 7 PM
Location: A-2
Guitar Concert
Date: 5/15/2015, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert hall
Winds Concert
Date: 5/14/2015, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall

Norm Pattiz Concert Hall

The 600-seat Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall at Hamilton High School was renovated and subsequently dedicated in February 1989. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One and is currently CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1960. Every year over 60 concerts including drama, dance & musical theater productions are performed in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall.

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