Ryan Simpkins

Here’s to beginnings
Here’s to level one
Here’s to when we stayed up till midnight to see the stars
Before we stayed up till four leaving our hands ink stained and our eyes dry
To when sunsets were just colors in the sky
And bike rides were carefree
Because now we all know that sunsets are just the light filtered by pollution
And even the smallest bikes break bones
Here’s to before we knew what the feeling of anxiety was
Before we felt the gravel crammed down our throats and drop to the bottom of our stomachs
Before we knew the bitter taste of our own words coming back up
Or our own nails scratching against our own skin
Because now all we do is flirt with boys we know we shouldn’t and stay up past our curfew
We turned “love” into nothing and hate fills our hearts
Because I cant breathe with your foot on my chest and this paper in my throat
And the schoolwork we’re knee deep in leaves cuts that still sting
And the bruises on our knees are just proof of the night before
And the mistakes we can’t take back.
So here’s to level one
To piggyback rides and streams of sunlight
To our fingers just shorter than the needed amount to grasp it
To airplanes when they were just shooting stars in the sky
To new notebooks and fully sharpened crayons
So here’s to beginnings,
From the end.
It’s gonna be a damn long ride.


Guitar Concert Thursday, November 20, 7:00pm.
Henry Purcell, Glen Hansard, Frank Lehar, E. Humperdink, Thelonius Monk,
Evard Grieg and a few other composers are presented by the students of the Guitar program.
Join us for a lovely evening and support the guitar program.
All Choir Concert, Friday, November 21, at 7:30 pm.
On the Academy tours, parents have left the choir room in tears, moved by the beauty of the music. Music by Benjamin Britten, Antonio Vivaldi, Orlando DiLasso, Moses Hogen and Erich Whitacre, among others will be presented. Don't miss out this extraordinary evening presented by the all the choir students.
Save the date: PICK IT UP! Campus cleanup.
We need your help to clean up the campus on Sunday, December 14 starting at 8:00am.
Stop by for an hour, stay all day. Food carts, fun and music. More news to come.
National Signing Day signs up Academy Student Dalton Blumenfeld
Bravo to Dalton, going to Loyola Marymount but don't be surprised if we see him at Dodger Stadium one day soon!
Bravo to the Hami Varsity Football Team
The team won the Western League Championship. This Friday they play Cleveland at 2:00 pm. Come cheer the team, the Marching Band and the Dance team.
Bravo to the Pit Orchestra for Anythng Goes.
They performed at the Pantages Theater last May. And then they won the Jerry Hermann award for the best pit orchestra in Los Angeles!
Worried about not having enough magnet points to get into the Academy of Music?
WE have a special talent audition for all musicians and vocal students. The application is right here on our website. Download it and mail or email it back. Remember you must still fill out the echoices application on the LAUSD website, due November 14.
Artists! Do you write, compose music or make art?
The Music Academy is now starting a new online literary arts magazine right here on this website. We will feature the writer, composer or the artist of the week. Send your submissions to: HAMIVISIONARY@gmail.com. or visit Thevisionaryweb.com for more info. See the attached flyer.
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Piano Concert
Date: 12/4/2014, 7 PM
Location: A-2
Winter Dance Show
Date: 12/5/2014, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Winter Dance Show
Date: 12/6/2014, 2 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Winter Dance Show
Date: 12/6/2014, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Winds Concert
Date: 12/10/2014, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Music Technology Concert
Date: 12/11/2014, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Jazz Concert
Date: 12/12/2014, 7:30 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Mariachi Concert
Date: 12/13/2014, 7:30 PM
Location: A-2

Norm Pattiz Concert Hall

The 600-seat Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall at Hamilton High School was renovated and subsequently dedicated in February 1989. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One and is currently CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1960. Every year over 60 concerts including drama, dance & musical theater productions are performed in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall.

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