It begins in a tumbledown farm in Kansas.  That tornado come and whisks Dorothy off setting her down in A BIG CITY.   It's sure doesn't look like Kansas!  After a rowdy celebration with the Munchkins celebrating the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West, she dances on down that yellow brick road in search of  the Emerald City because everyone knows who lives there and what THE WIZ is capable of.  Along the way she meets Scarecrow who feels his life is going nowhere; an uptight Tim Man who wants to hang loose and the mama's boy lion who wants to fire his psychiatrist. Together they will  get the help they need from the great and powerful Wiz.
Based on Frank Baum's beloved story, The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz is a an urban retelling of this famed classic.  The 1975 Broadway productions won 7 Tony awards including the Best Musical.  It's been a movie and a TV show and now its on our stage starting Feb. 4 and running through Feb. 20th.   Join us on this journey and you too will learn,  you can travel a long way to find what's already in side of you.
Get your tickets online today.


Academy students and alumni perform at the Super Bowl!

Academy violin players Emperatriz Hernandez, Beatrice Padilla and Adriana Aguayo performed at the amazing halftime performance with Coldplay with the youth orchestra, YOLA.
Alumni dancers Abrielle Saunders and Fulani Buhati danced with Beyonce.
We are proud of everyone one of you.

The Wiz is whirling.

Get your tickets today for this exciting production of The Wiz, running through Feb. 27.

College Help is on the way.

Financial Aid for college can be very confusing for all. Get help at one of our workshops:
Feb. 9: Cash for College
Feb. 22, 24 and 29: Financial Aid Workshops
Go to hamiltonhighschool.net and look for the college page to register.

Great News for the Jazz Department

The following students were accepted into Los Angeles All City Jazz Band sponsored by the Monk Institute:
Keelan Walters: Guitar
Anthony Barrios: Drums
Ellis Thompson: Sax
Franklin Newby: Bass
Kameron Carey: Trumpet
Moe Feinberg: Trumpet
We had more students accepted than any other school in the District! Bravo Jazz!


Brava to Academy Senior Edilia Foster who won a highly coveted Questbridge Scholarship, a full, four year scholarship worth over $200,000. Edilia will be attending Wellesley College next fall. Congrats to Edilia.


Donate to the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Friends of AMAPA) and your funds go directly to our programs providing instruments, books, supplies and other materials. We also accept donations of copy paper, costumes, tools or odds and ends from your garage that could end up on stage. Donate directly online or send a check made out to Friends of the Academy and mail to 2955 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034. Donations are tax deductible.


The Theater Company Class is performing their annual HIV/AIDS play, written, acted and directed by the students of the class on Wednesday, Jan. 13 and 14 at 7:00 PM in the Black Box Theater. Free admission.

Musical Theater Showcase Benefit at the Stella Adler Theater Sunday, December 6.

Musical Theater student present their favorite songs and show tunes at the Benefit for the Musical Theater Productions. Performance at 6:00 pm includes appetizers, drinks and a raffle. Reserve your tickets online or get them at the door. $50.00 for all this entertainment. Better than Broadway!
Stella Adler is located at 6773 Hollywood Blvd.

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The Wiz
Date: 2/12/2016, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/13/2016, 2 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/13/2016, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/18/2016, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/19/2016, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/20/2016, 2 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
The Wiz
Date: 2/20/2016, 8 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall
Wind Concert
Date: 3/3/2016, 7 PM
Location: NJP Concert Hall

Norm Pattiz Concert Hall

The 600-seat Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall at Hamilton High School was renovated and subsequently dedicated in February 1989. Mr. Pattiz is the Founder of Westwood One and is currently CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1960. Every year over 60 concerts including drama, dance & musical theater productions are performed in the Norman J. Pattiz Concert Hall.

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