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Bizio: M. CSUN
Brandt, W: CSUN Indiana Univ. Jacob School f Music
Burke, C. Pace, Columbia Chicago, Maymount Manhatten
Butler, N: Pace, CSU Chico, UC Riverside
Carlaftes,S Belomt, Cornish College of Music.
Cirile:A Boston Conservatory, CSULB (Bob Cole Conservatory)
Cohen,-Hodos, O, Yeshiva Jewish School
Dalconzo, J. Hawaii Pacific University, Univ. of Maine
Etehad,M Adelphi, Pace, Marymount Manhatten, Institute of the Arts
Greenstein, J CSUN Sonoma State, Cal Poly Pomona, CSULB, Cal
PolySLO, San Diego Sate Honors College,
Grossman, N SMC
Hodeib, A University of the Pacific, San Fran State, CSULB
Ibrahim, G: CSU Merced, CSULA, Mount St. Mary
Ing O. Pace, Columbia Chicago
Joyal, M. Manhatten College
Johnson, S. UCI, Hampton, Tuskegee
Lane, L DePaul, Columbia, Chicago
McKinley, D CSUC, CSUF, UCR, CSULB, Loyola Marymount
Matamouros, E. San FRan State, CSUMB. Columbia College, Chicago
Midgen, S New School, Drexel, DePaul, Arizonia University
Panosian, G. AMDA San FRan State, Columbia College, Chicago
Quinn, S. CSUN
Scott, R CSUN, Mount St. Mary, New York, CSULA, CSUF
Spencer, T. CSU Poly, Pomona
Washington, C. Point Park, Mount St. Mary, New York, Columbia, Chicago,
Weldon, P; Marymount Manhatten, Portland State, San Fran State, Columbia College
Yona, D Univ. of Arizonia, Arizonia State, Raphael Recananti International School, Israel.
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Bravo to our Jazz Ensembles!

Our Jazz ensembles swept the Uplands Jazz competition on March 3.
Jazz A Combo 1st Place
Jazz A Ensemble 1st place.
Jazz B Ensemble 1st place
Jazz B Combo 1st place
Jazz C Ensemble 2place.
Go Jazz!
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Let's applaud for Senior Infiniti Street!

Bass player, Infiniti, is this year's winner of the Duke Ellington Society Scholarship. One of the perks of winning a scholarship, is that Infiniti was also invited to concertize with recording artist Yuko Mabuchi at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church on Dec. 23. 2017
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